Turnstile® for PDF ACORD Form Conversion

Imagine giving your agents the ability to instantly pass their ACORD forms directly into your web portal, and your returning a quote in minutes. No rekeying. No translation errors. No extra gear for either party. Now imagine all of it in the cloud—paying only for what you use and installing no software. Meet Turnstile®.

Turnstile is a subscription carrier web service that takes in ACORD forms and returns ACORD XML for feeding point-of-sale, CRM or policy administration systems. A clean, simple and ultra-secure complementary service to your agent portal and agency interface, Turnstile shortens intake time, accelerates decision-making, reduces processing cost, and eliminates lost opportunities.

Stop Rekeying ACORD Forms

Let Turnstile take the work out of application intake.

Agents Email Forms

They're sending them to you now. Turn around an answer more quickly and cheaply.

Keep Doing What You Do

Same systems you use today. Minus the Rekeying.

Streamline your Agent Portal

Allow agents to prefill your existing workflow with Turnstile.


  • ACORD form to XML transformation
  • On-demand cloud service
  • Clean, simple, ultra-secure process
  • No downloads or extra screens
  • Seamless integration
  • Broad ACORD form and line of business support
  • Native, scanned and eForm PDF support

Impact for Carriers

  • Optimized quoting time
  • Increased portal adoption
  • Increased business volume
  • Improved operational efficiency

Live Production Statistics

Within the last hour

Forms Processed


Pages Processed


Forms Supported


Top Forms Processed

  1. ACORD 125 2007/07 INS
  2. ACORD 125 2007/10
  3. ACORD 130 2005/08 INS
  4. ACORD 130 2013/09

Turnstile® Fact Sheet

Everything you need to know about Turnstile.


Turnstile® Security Rundown

Protecting the personal information of policyholders—both prospective and current—is paramount for insurance carriers. That’s why we built Turnstile with ultimate security as our top priority beginning on day one.



Questions you might have about how you can put Turnstile to work for your company.


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