Turnstile® for PDF ACORD Form Conversion

Whether you're looking for better agent adoption of your portal offering or a more efficient intake process, Turnstile makes it happen. Our clean, simple, ultra-secure subscription carrier web service takes in ACORD PDF forms and delivers ACORD XML data for filling point-of-sale, CRM or policy administration systems. No rekeying. No translation errors. And all of it in the cloud.

Looking for Agent Adoption?

You've moved your agent business online, but adoption of your Portal isn't what you had hoped for. Make agents' lives easier. No re-keying. Instant data prefill into your system. Faster response times. Click below to learn how to draw agents to your site and accelerate new business.

PDF Spotlight: Seeing is Believing

Using Turnstile and AgencyPortal5 together, carriers have the ability to compare original uploaded PDF forms to the data populated into AgencyPortal, and to make necessary changes directly in AgencyPortal. Learn more below.


Want Better Internal Workflow?

Imagine your underwriting team's reaction to not having to input agent-emailed PDFs into your quoting system ever again. No more rekeying. Better process. Faster response times to your agents. Reduced operational costs. Click below to learn how to simplify your intake process and speed response time to your agents.


  • ACORD form-to-XML data transformation
  • On demand cloud service
  • Clean, simple, ultra-secure solution
  • Broad ACORD form and line of business support
  • Native, scanned and eForm PDF support


  • ACORD form rekeying eliminated
  • Agents offered the workflow they prefer
  • Carrier response time accelerated

Carrier Impact

  • Expanded portal adoption
  • Increased new business volume
  • Improved operational efficiency

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Top Forms Processed

  1. ACORD 125 2007/07 INS
  2. ACORD 125 2007/10
  3. ACORD 125 2013/09
  4. ACORD 130 2013/09
  5. ACORD 140 2011/10

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