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The Guru in You
by Michael Albert

In keeping with what has become tradition around here, it is with great pride that we present this year’s annual conference opening video: The Guru in You. Put your headphones on. Sit back in a comfy chair. Grab a bag of microwave popcorn. But most importantly, enjoy.

Portal 5: The Future is Now
by Julie Howe

It’s everywhere. Magazines, TV shows, technologies, poets, real estate firms, even children’s centers have laid claim to “Next Gen.” But what does it really mean? And do insurance carriers need to care? Next Generation |nekst jenəˈrāSHən|(also Nextgen, NextGen, Next-Gen, nExtgE…) Adjective / Of or pertaining to any method or technology that is expected or intended to supersede present […]

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  • 2013: P&C Outstanding Contribution Achievement
  • 2013: Global and Large Commercial Outstanding Contribution Accomplishment
  • 2013: Most Compelling Case Study (The Hartford)
  • 2012: P&C Outstanding Contribution Achievement
  • 2012: Global and Large Commercial Outstanding Contribution Accomplishment
  • 2012: Most Compelling Case Study (Concord Group)
  • 2012: P&C Outstanding Contribution (Concord Group)
  • 2012: Early Adopter – AWSP (Chubb)
  • 2012: P&C Straight through Process of Data (Quincy Mutual)
  • 2011: Most Actively Involved in P&C and RLC categories
  • 2011: Most Compelling Case Study Award with Chubb
  • 2011: Early Adopter Award for Specialty Lines with Chubb
  • 2011: P&C Round Trip of Data Award with Chubb
  • 2013: Agency Portal and Connectivity Category
  • 2012: Agency Management Systems Connectivity and Honorable mention in Agent Portal category
  • 2011: Agency Portal and Connectivity Category
  • 2010: Winner in Property & Casualty Agent Portal category
  • 2010: Honorable mention in the Agency Management System Connectivity category
  • 2011: Honorable mention with Aon Benfield)
  • Celent Model Insurer Report 2011: Aon Benfield cited for best practices for its FAConnect web portal
  • 2013: Top Places to Work