Casting Call – Open to Customers!

Ever considered the possibility of acting on the big screen? This could be your chance to make that dream a reality! To celebrate our Tenth Annual Conference, we are entering uncharted territory by inviting you, our customers, to star in our opening video with us.  If you aren’t familiar with The Guru, Kenny Frawd or […]

Agent Aggravation: Upload That Doesn’t Work

Doing a Google search on “Agent Upload” quickly reveals the pain associated with the process. With auto-completes of the phrase like Agent Upload “fail,” “problems,” and “is locked,” it’s no surprise that Agents continually tell us that Upload is “broken.” But, for us technologists and carriers who’ve dedicated a lot of time to improving Upload, […]

Boost Efficiency Without Rocking the Agent’s World

It’s a balancing act that carriers regularly face: how much agent routine is worth disrupting or changing in the name of improved efficiency? The question is paramount when considering a new core system. The long-term benefits of modern PAS solutions are clear, but the potential pain for agents during a prolonged implementation can be detrimental […]

Rethinking Millennials

Drones, driverless cars, and robots, oh my! While exhibiting at the IASA Annual Conference in Las Vegas this week, I had the opportunity to attend the session Disruption/Vision 2030 facilitated by Bill Freitag from Majesco. The objective of the session was to facilitate a discussion about these and other new industry phenomena, and how they […]

The Lowdown on Download

A long-term customer was in our Boston office today catching up on all things Agencyport.  We gave them an update on our overall company direction, the latest AgencyPortal 5.1 release, and our Agent Insight Initiative, including the fact that we’re publishing our findings on a dedicated site:  As I was describing my recent week […]