The Guru in You

In keeping with what has become tradition around here, it is with great pride that we present this year’s annual conference opening video: The Guru in You. Put your headphones on. Sit back in a comfy chair. Grab a bag of microwave popcorn. But most importantly, enjoy.

Portal 5: The Future is Now

It’s everywhere. Magazines, TV shows, technologies, poets, real estate firms, even children’s centers have laid claim to “Next Gen.” But what does it really mean? And do insurance carriers need to care? Next Generation |nekst jenəˈrāSHən|(also Nextgen, NextGen, Next-Gen, nExtgE…) Adjective / Of or pertaining to any method or technology that is expected or intended to supersede present […]

Happy Wife: Part One

During one of my regular lunchtime walks, I decided to wander through the neighborhoods of Boston’s North End. It’s a bustling Italian community full of great restaurants, bakeries and shops.  As I headed up Salem Street, two men came out of a store and the older gentleman said to the younger with a boisterous Italian […]

DIY online is here to stay

Transferring funds between bank accounts. Paying down mortgage or credit card principal. Adjusting your LinkedIn profile and preferences.  They’re all as close as your smartphone these days. Carriers have recognized for some time that P&C insurance is ripe for this sort of convenient self-service, and leading companies like Electric Insurance Company are getting out in […]

Our latest Agent Insight paper: Agent Engagement

Agencyport has always been in the business of delivering industry-leading, agent-facing portals for our customers.  Over time, we’ve learned that the most successful implementations utilize great technology AND a serious commitment to agent engagement.  In this month’s Agent Insight paper, we explore elements that make an agent engagement program successful and ultimately result in a portal implementation […]