The Lowdown on Download

A long-term customer was in our Boston office today catching up on all things Agencyport.  We gave them an update on our overall company direction, the latest AgencyPortal 5.1 release, and our Agent Insight Initiative, including the fact that we’re publishing our findings on a dedicated site:  As I was describing my recent week […]

Consumer Experience in Enterprise Technology

Consumerization of enterprise software is something I think about a lot. Today’s consumer is used to really slick daily online experiences. Yes, I’m talking about technologies like Dropbox, Evernote and Uber, but even apps that I use to interact with my cable company (I can DVR anything from my iPhone) and my bank (I hardly […]

Why Agents Will Love 5.1

This Friday, we’re releasing AgencyPortal® 5.1.  We’re excited about it; carriers will be excited about it; and here are a few reasons Agents will be excited about it: Drag and Drop File Attachments Previously available for import and upload through Turnstile®, Drag and Drop capability is now available for file attachments. Rather than having to […]

AP University Hits the Airwaves

If you don’t follow Agencyport on Twitter (@Agencyport), you may have missed hearing about Agencyport University (APU) on the Learning Insights Radio show. The program is a forum for learning leaders across the country to share best practices, lessons learned, and cutting edge techniques and technologies in the learning field. Naturally, APU was invited as […]

Hackathon ’15

Agencyport hosted its first Hackathon back in 2007, an all-day event dedicated to employees and customers crowd-sourcing innovation for P&C carriers. And we’ve been going ever since. Starting with day-to-day industry hurdles, teams brainstorm and develop solutions that they then present to a panel of judges in a variety of categories. Our twice-a-year Hackathons are […]

ACORD Standards to Greater Heights

Anyone who has been in this industry for more than ten minutes knows that ACORD standards, both their Form and XML Data versions, sit at its foundation. They provide consistency, efficiency and simplicity to one of the world’s most inconsistent, inefficient and complex industries. Sadly, however, when these Form and Data champions of STP and […]

Reports from the Agency Frontline: Day Four

Day 4: Today presented two “Ah-ha” moments: first, I found this agency’s weakness.  The Breakfast Blend K-cups ran out, triggering a very grumpy first cup of coffee for the folks who were suffering through the French Toast and other flavored coffees that were still well stocked.  After this unfortunate start to the day, it was […]