Reports from the Agency Frontline: Day Four

Day 4: Today presented two “Ah-ha” moments: first, I found this agency’s weakness.  The Breakfast Blend K-cups ran out, triggering a very grumpy first cup of coffee for the folks who were suffering through the French Toast and other flavored coffees that were still well stocked.  After this unfortunate start to the day, it was […]

Latest Agent Aggravation Paper Hits the Wire

Last month we announced our Agent Aggravation Series, bite-size papers highlighting issues that are still driving your Agents nuts.  You can now find the second Agent Aggravation paper of 2015 online at  This report picks up on last month’s frustrations around quoting and binding online and drills into the issue of response time.  How do […]

Bring Your Idea to Life

Many of us who’ve been in this industry for a while have had an idea or two along the way about a new product or process that we thought could make a difference. The reality is, though, that most of us haven’t had the luxury of having top-notch analysts or developers by our side to […]

It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Here in Boston, Old Man Winter has given us a huge reminder of who’s boss! After three major blizzards left eight feet of snow behind (give or take a foot), we’re now faced with a monstrous slurry of rock salt, ice melt, sand and mud. Longer, warmer days following rough winters remind me of my […]

Get it in. Get it done. Get it bound.

In pursuit of continued Agent Insight, Caleen Alexanderson and I visited the Aronson Insurance agency in Needham, Massachusetts on Wednesday.  We had our Agent Aggravation series in mind as we started to pepper Aronson’s Commercial Lines manager and Commercial Lines business segment specialist with questions.  These two ladies were quick to share what’s working and […]

Welcome to the Agent Aggravation Series

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that Agencyport has a long and deep relationship with independent Agents. We’ve spent years picking their brains and then developing software for carriers that addresses Agents’ needs and desires. Last year, we formalized this research and produced regular insight reports. (Head over to to […]