2013: All about Making Agents’ Lives Easier

Recently, Insurance Networking News published the Four Tech Trends supported by ACT and AUGIE in 2013.  It’s no surprise that the priorities are all about making the lives of agents easier.  ID Federation, real time, and client self-services all made the list.

While we have touted our support for real time and self-service in the past, we haven’t talked about ID Federation.  The ID Federation’s mission is to provide the insurance industry with common legal and technical standards that reduce the need for as many agent username IDs and passwords, while increasing security and ease of doing business between agents and carriers.

As we heard loud and clear on our Agent Insight Tour, one of the biggest challenges for independent agents dealing with multiple carriers continues to be keeping track of all the usernames and passwords for the myriad systems required for them to do business. Many are still using sticky notes with login information on monitors and shared logins between CSR’s. The goals of the Federation are noble and will go a long way toward helping agents while making systems more secure by eliminating sticky note syndrome.

One of the big challenges of the Federation will be working through conflicting goals of potential ID providers. Success here will mean that competing insurance companies and vendors will have to trust users provisioning with one another in fundamental ways. It remains to be seen if strategic conflict between some of these entities can be overcome for the good of federated ID.

At the end of the day, whatever we can do to make the business of insurance more efficient and easier for agents is a good thing.  And let’s be honest, we don’t want to see our agent friends fumbling with their passwords if they don’t have to.

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