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Shielding Agents During a PAS Conversion

If you are an insurance IT exec reading this post, there’s a really good chance that your company is in the middle of—or seriously thinking about—a policy administration system conversion or consolidation.  A really good chance. In fact, Novarica tells us more than one-third of the industry currently falls into this new policy system bucket. […]

A Different Kind of Integration

I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of Work/Life Balance. On the surface of it, it sounds reasonable and altogether healthy—time to work and time to… life?   Today’s Always On, device-saturated reality, however, muddies the concept, turning it into a vague, random (and largely elusive) division of personal time (“Life”) and time spent making […]

Leading the Way in Professional Services

We’re proud to announce that our Professional Services team has been named to the top 5% Best of the Best in professional services by Service Performance Insight (SPI) in the organization’s 2014 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report.  SPI is a global research, consulting and training organization dedicated to helping professional service organizations (PSOs) make “quantum […]

Upload, Meet Download. NxTech Solution Completes the Data Round Trip

We’re extremely proud to announce a new referral partnership with NxTech, the P&C industry’s leading Download solution provider. The combination of our solutions further helps Carriers streamline and optimize policy distribution workflow with their agency partners.  But wait, aren’t Agencyport and NxTech competitors?  Technically, yes.  Practically, no. While we have some competitive overlap in the […]

Welcome, Capital Insurance Group!

Like many carriers, Capital Insurance Group (CIG) is undergoing a huge back-end transformation.  But that hasn’t stopped the leading regional property and casualty insurer serving the Western United States from also having its eye on significant revenue growth and audience expansion.  We’re more than proud to announce that the carrier has selected AgencyPortal™, Turnstile and […]

A great experience, no matter the device

Thanks to some early movers in Responsive Web Design (RWD), most peoples’ expectations of a company’s website design have rocketed in recent years. We want fast, clear and easy-to-navigate no matter what device we’re using. And when we don’t get it, it’s painful—that menu from your favorite restaurant that you’re trying to decipher from your […]

A Proud Guidewire Partner

Of the many things we’ve been working on at Agencyport this year, we’re perhaps most excited about our partnership with Guidewire.  Let’s tell you about some important milestones we have reached with each other: First, Agencyport became an official SolutionConnect Partner.  Guidewire works with leading technology companies to advance their products and to benefit the […]