Welcome, Capital Insurance Group!

Like many carriers, Capital Insurance Group (CIG) is undergoing a huge back-end transformation.  But that hasn’t stopped the leading regional property and casualty insurer serving the Western United States from also having its eye on significant revenue growth and audience expansion.  We’re more than proud to announce that the carrier has selected AgencyPortal™, Turnstile and […]

A great experience, no matter the device

Thanks to some early movers in Responsive Web Design (RWD), most peoples’ expectations of a company’s website design have rocketed in recent years. We want fast, clear and easy-to-navigate no matter what device we’re using. And when we don’t get it, it’s painful—that menu from your favorite restaurant that you’re trying to decipher from your […]

Might there be a better way?

As usual, this year’s ACORD Implementation Forum featured some great presentations and thought-provoking sessions—especially for those of us who live deep within the code-covered weeds of insurance technology.  To my surprise, however, it was a conversation that I had with an attendee at our booth on opening day that has stuck with me most, and […]

Integration at Center Stage

As the insurance process becomes increasingly complex; the number of systems and services involved grows; and the need for carrier speed and efficiency is more critical than ever, the simplification of application integration has moved increasingly toward center stage for carriers.  Ironically, achieving that simplicity is anything but simple.  It takes dedication to the cause […]

Together We Win

OK, we’re proud.  Proud that Agencyport customer, The Hartford, was recognized as a winner at the 20th annual ACORD Awards ceremony in Boston for a project undertaken with Agencyport. Proud that Agencyport also received awards for its support of ACORD and goal of improved data integrity across diverse insurance platforms and partners. And proud that this […]

A Proud Guidewire Partner

Of the many things we’ve been working on at Agencyport this year, we’re perhaps most excited about our partnership with Guidewire.  Let’s tell you about some important milestones we have reached with each other: First, Agencyport became an official SolutionConnect Partner.  Guidewire works with leading technology companies to advance their products and to benefit the […]

AP Days: Creativity Fosters Growth

You may remember, back in August, we blogged about the inception of AP Days.  For the AP Days initiative, the company sets aside one Friday a month for employees to put aside their regular tasks to work on creative projects.  The activities range from product development “Hackathons” and technical copy-writing to community service. Since it’s […]