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More Revealing Agent Insight

One of the most highly attended and spirited sessions at our recent Annual Conference in Stowe recently was titled simply “Ask an Agent.” Carriers were encouraged to bring whatever burning questions they had about ease of doing business to a panel of young independent agents and to fire away! Not surprisingly, these up-and-coming Agency leaders […]

There’s No I in Team

The business of P&C insurance and the technologies that it runs on have made huge strides in recent years. But there are many more to make before anyone calls what we do the most efficient business process on earth. To get there requires concerted teamwork. No company, vendor, organization or individual can single-handedly produce a […]

DIY online is here to stay

Transferring funds between bank accounts. Paying down mortgage or credit card principal. Adjusting your LinkedIn profile and preferences.  They’re all as close as your smartphone these days. Carriers have recognized for some time that P&C insurance is ripe for this sort of convenient self-service, and leading companies like Electric Insurance Company are getting out in […]

Q&A with Agencyport’s new Data Standards Guru

Meet Caleen Alexanderson, Agencyport’s new Data Standards Specialist. For nearly 26 years, she worked in a variety of key positions at Vertafore, researching and implementing business specifications for agency management system integration using the ACORD Standards. Caleen is an active member of ACORD working groups, currently serving as Chair of the Coverage Implementation Group. Why […]

Best of Luck to Our UK Brethren

We are excited to share with you today’s news that the European operations of Agencyport Software have been acquired by UK-based business process, procurement and technology services provider Xchanging plc. The purchase has no bearing on our US operations or customers; we will continue to partner with the country’s top P&C carriers to help them […]

Gelks First Win of the Season

[Agencyport woke up this morning to the following email from team member, Ken O’Sullivan. It was too good not to share.  Enjoy!] For those of you who are new, this is one of my ‘softball’ emails. They are usually lengthy and offensive, just like our games. The only thing worse than watching the USA World […]

Company “Culture”

“Culture” is one of those corporate buzzwords that is as overused these days as “big data” and “cloud computing.” Every business says that it’s important, but, too often, the blurb describing a company’s culture is used primarily as a selling point to prospective hires. I am a student at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland. […]

My Insurance IT Trade Show Maiden Voyage

In my new role as Agencyport’s Event Coordinator, I am fresh back from Indianapolis, having attended my first Insurance Technology Trade Show: the IASA Educational Conference and Business Show. Speakers and attendees included Olympic swimmer, Dara Torres; Playfair Inc. founder Matt Weinstein; country music singer, Kellie Pickler; CNN’s Robin Meade; and former President Bill Clinton. […]