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ACORD 20/20: Standards Future Thinking

Earlier this month, Mike Albert, Agencyport’s SVP of Product Strategy and R&D, and I were invited to attend a roundtable as part of the ACORD 20/20 strategic planning process. ACORD 20/20 is a community of forward-thinking executives and thought leaders that represent agents, insurers, reinsurers, and solution providers. The mission is to identify the challenges […]

True Portal Success Requires Alignment

As you may remember, I recently hosted a roundtable discussion about Agent and Consumer portals at the Guidewire Connections conference. During the conversation, I discussed a diagram that Agencyport uses to illustrate the extreme value that a modern, decoupled agent or consumer portal can provide if Carriers align key elements behind it. To achieve optimum […]

Our Challenge: Share What You Know

After unveiling our new Developer Zone to our customers at our recent conference in Stowe, Vermont, we are now proud to officially announce its availability to everyone.  That’s right, everyone.  No usernames or passwords. Open access to our entire volume of technical content. Because that’s the way we think it should be, and we’re urging […]

Nothing to Hide

A common criticism of the insurance technology industry is that vendors and carriers are reticent to open up and share information. At Agencyport, we are working to change that—operating as openly and collaboratively as possible, and encouraging others to do the same. At our recent Annual Conference, Agencyport hosted a session called “Solution Speed Dating […]

More Revealing Agent Insight

One of the most highly attended and spirited sessions at our recent Annual Conference in Stowe recently was titled simply “Ask an Agent.” Carriers were encouraged to bring whatever burning questions they had about ease of doing business to a panel of young independent agents and to fire away! Not surprisingly, these up-and-coming Agency leaders […]

There’s No I in Team

The business of P&C insurance and the technologies that it runs on have made huge strides in recent years. But there are many more to make before anyone calls what we do the most efficient business process on earth. To get there requires concerted teamwork. No company, vendor, organization or individual can single-handedly produce a […]

Highlights from our Agent Insight Initiative

During our Annual Conference earlier this week, our very own Jenn Parker led a panel of agents in a lively discussion about what it’s like working with carrier technology.  We will share more of what Rachel Harbaugh, Dan Whyte and Kate Foy had to say next week, but in the meantime, we wanted to share the video we presented to kick off […]