Hackathon 2012

19 entries, 8 hours, 4 winners, 1 awesome day

Jamie Steward, 2012 World Champion

Every year, Agencyport teams come together to create, compete and present brilliant ideas relating to insurance software. Oftentimes, these ideas lead to great new products. (Think Turnstile!) Most often, they are merged as enhancements to our existing product suite. Either way, we take this opportunity to create some awesome code. (And enjoy Blue Ribbon BBQ!)

Our 2012 Hackathon was held on November 1st. With 19 entries and 25 participants, this year’s Hackathon was our largest yet and showcased a wide variety of projects. Here are this year’s Hackathon winners:

  • 2012 World Champion, Jamie Steward, found a way to convey ‘Turnstile snippets’ into AgencyPortal.
  • 2012 Team Champs, Kevin Spiers and Courtney Lloyd made magic happen with progress bars integrated into work lists and utility functions.
  • “Top Scientist” Award, Patrick Scott showed animpressive display of XML prowess wrapping up the work list config in metadata – much more similar to the rest of our architecture.
  • “Top Scientist” Award, Dan MacLean with his “DM” (which he insists stands for data mining, not Dan Maclean) value predictor.

Kevin Spiers and Courtney Lloyd, Team Champs

Patrick Scott and Dan MacLean, Top Scientists

Big congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who participated. Have some Hackathon ideas you’d like to share? Or simply want to enjoy some bbq with us? Contribute to the magic and tweet us @Agencyport.

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