Novarica Gold for the Second Year Running

Novarica’s Average Customer Experience (ACE) Rankings provide a transparent, unedited and unbiased perspective on how well a solution or provider meets its customers’ needs. To measure customer experience, senior technology and operational executives who have direct experience with products and organizations complete the survey. ACE rankings depend entirely on carriers taking already limited time out of their day to answer questions about their IT vendors.  And lucky for us, they do.

We would like to take a moment to thank our customers for completing this year’s ACE surveys. Because they did, for the second year in a row, we received Novarica’s Gold Ranking, a status designated by having ten customers review a specific solution. Even better, both AgencyPortal and AgencyConnect solutions ranked high in the areas of Staff, Organization, Function and Technology, receiving overall scores of 97 and 96 on a 100 point scale, respectively.  Additionally, we received 99 out of 100 for AgencyPortal, and AgencyConnect received 98 out of 100 in the category of Overall Customer Satisfaction.

Novarica’s ACE Rankings are not only valuable for the industry as a whole, indicating what users truly value in IT vendors and their products, they are also valuable to vendors themselves.  Honest customer feedback in any form is incredibly valuable.  Admittedly, positive feedback is easier to hear.  One Agencyport customer commented that he does not “consider Agencyport a vendor, but a business partner.”   Music to our ears.Agencyport takes the word partnership seriously.  After all, no one knows insurance better than our customers. Their confidence in us and willingness to take the time to talk about it is something we are very proud of and grateful for.  Thank you.

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