Orchefaceability Whaat?!

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| ‘ôrk • i • fas • ɘ’ • bil • I • tē |

The outcome of deep interface experience layered with mapping and routing orchestration capabilities to create unparalleled application interoperability.

Synonym: Connect5

Every now and then, something comes along that defies Oxford, Webster or Merriam.  Such is the case with Connect5, our new technology-agnostic, tool-based integration platform which will be unveiled today.  Think of it as interface, transformation, orchestration, mapping, routing and interoperability all rolled up in one—Orchefaceability.

Connect5 begins with deep roots in agency interface–more than ten years, 45 carrier implementations and millions of transactions with AgencyConnect.  Layer that with a tool-based integration platform that connects and orchestrates all products and services between and among Agencyport, in-house, and 3rd party systems and you get power—power that increases speed to market and dramatically decreases costs associated with custom development.

We will be unveiling Connect5 today at the ACORD Implementation Forum in Fort Lauderdale. Want to learn more about orchefaceability? Request a demo by filling out the form here.

Julie HoweOrchefaceability Whaat?!

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