Our Annual UK Publication is Hot Off the Presses

Re: Insurance 2013

Re: Insurance 2013

No sooner had the New Year’s confetti settled than our London marketing team huddled once again to gather and collate article ideas and set up interviews with a range of influential members of the industry and team members from Agencyport Software. The creation of the second annual European Agencyport newsletter, Re: Insurance, had begun.

One year ago today, the inaugural Re: Insurance landed on the desks and arrived into the in-boxes of just over 2,500 people. Fast-forward to February 2013 and we’re extremely pleased to present the latest edition to over 4,000 clients, members and friends in the UK, London and European markets.

And it’s grown! Cover to cover, the publication features reflections on the past year, predictions for the year ahead and the voices of respected members of our industry. Packed into this issue, we’ve welcomed guest authors: Richard Williams, CIO at Mitsui Sumitomo; Lee Brook-Pearce, Digital Transformation Financial Services at CapGemini; and words from the third-largest re-insurer in the world, Hannover Re.

We travelled to our office in Cwmbran and brought back some interesting team facts and faces, reported on the evolving expectations of the health insurance customer, and shed some light on our senior team member, Andy Lovett, COO – do you know he once cleared a whole bus?

More than a newsletter, Re: Insurance is an open door into Agencyport Software EMEA, the people that power it, the 40+ years of experience that underpin it, and the industry to which it is dedicated.

We had a super time producing it and hope you have an equally good time reading it.

Put on the kettle and enjoy!

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